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Mary Kay LaBrie

Screenwriter/Food Writer

I am a comedy writer - Rom-Com, Dramady and Murder Mystery with a Rom-Com twist.  I thrive on deadlines, write tight visual action, crisp dialogue and snappy banter. My hero is Nora Ephron.  I add her comedic spirit to my scripts.  I collaborate well with others but also enjoy writing solo.  My humor has been described as observational. 

Three of my previous scripts, which were written in the early 2000s, were optioned.  One script was in development, but the film never got made.  I am currently polishing and freshening them up.  I took a detour into the food writing world in 2009, but I returned to screenwriting in 2019 and wrote at a feverish pitch during the pandemic.  I have new work to share.

You can find more about my food writing talents on the "Foodie Stuff" tab.  

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PUBLICIST: Danie Cortese Entertainment



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The Monongahela Mysteries

Feature: Murder/Crime/Comedy - Potential Audience:  Broad (PG 13)

Set on the banks of the Monongahela River, an area steeped in legends of river monsters and lore, THE MONONGAHELA MYSTERIES is a 4-part murder mystery comedy movie series. It follows idiosyncratic life coach Abigaia "Abby" Angelos, and her rocky love affair with her sometimes fiancé, the county Chief Deputy Sheriff Doug Darnell.  Abby is also a skilled criminal personality theorist, and she's often recruited by law enforcement and a local reporter to help solve crimes. This time, it's personal.  Abby, Doug, and reporter Kyle Tyler join forces when the body of a research scientist is found by the river, and all leads point to a hotshot, Jag-driving young millionaire named Phillip Grimes, who was accused but never charged with masterminding an art forgery ring and orchestrating Doug's almost fatal shooting.  Enter a florid male romance novelist, Brighton Delaford Ashton, who inserts himself into the investigation by becoming the characters in his books, and a cast of colorful local characters, and it's a fun ride through wild and wonderful West Virginia. The audience already knows "whodunnit," or, at least, that Grimes is behind many capers which are dredged up. Now Abby, Doug and friends must catch Grimes and gather the evidence before he gets off scot-free... again, in a place where the secret always lies with the river. 


The Art and Science of Murder

Deadly Double Play

Digging Up Bones

Merry Mayhem and Murder

Love Boiling Over_edited.jpg

Love Boiling Over

Potential Audience: Hallmark/Lifetime (G)

(Feature - Romantic-Comedy)

When a struggling home cook and a TV chef searching for his culinary identity are paired up in "kitchen stadium," they create mouth-watering dishes and discover a simmering attraction with the help of the chef's meddling celebrity mother.


Featured Scripts

Discover Your Next Project

The Jealousy Test sm poster.png

The Jealousy Test

(Feature - Romantic Comedy)

Potential Audience: Broad (PG 13)

A golf instructor's plan to test his romantic partner's jealousy backfires when she shows more interest in studying senior couples' secrets to lasting relationships.

Note: Script with Good Coverage

Love (2).png

Love Under Construction

((Feature - Romantic Comedy)

Potential Audience (Family) G or PG

A father from Canada rebuilds his unsteady relationship with his children in Florida with the help of a kind innkeeper. Love and forgiveness bring them back together.

Wedding Disrupted.png

Wedding Disrupted

(Feature: Comedy/Romance)
Potential Audience: Broad (PG)

A middle-aged bride must choose between her famous fiancé or a new romance with a charming gossip magazine reporter while dealing with the unexpected return of her ex-husband.

One Christmas web.png

One Christmas in Saskatchewan

(Feature - Comedy/Romance)
Potential Audience: Broad (PG)
When a philanthropic Bristish businessman and an American romance writer meet at a Christmas festival in Saskatchewan and a mistletoe romance ensues, they have no idea that a plot hatched by a competitor will put them front and center of a holiday tabloid scandal, and the plot of her holiday novel will get them out of the sticky jam.

Contact Me

I am happy to share my scripts with industry pros.  If you are on InkTip, I can send a link.  If you are newer to the industry and/or don't have a production company (an actor or director), to protect me and you, I will verify your request and ask you to send me your submission agreement.  If you are a producer, I can send the work through an entertainment attorney.  I am currently seeking new representation (manager or agent).

I currently use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but the social media account on which I post most of my work is Instagram @Mkwrites2.  Follow me there.   I am on IMDB and ISA.

Thanks for submitting!

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