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Mary Kay LaBrie

Screenwriter/Food Writer

As a versatile comedy writer specializing in Rom-Coms, Dramedies, and Murder Mysteries with a comedic twist, I excel under pressure, crafting scenes brimming with vivid action, sharp dialogue, and witty repartee. Inspired by the legendary Nora Ephron, I infuse her comedic genius into every script, whether collaborating with creative minds or weaving stories solo. My humor, often lauded for its observational sharpness, breathes life into characters and situations alike. ​ I have over 25 years of experience in the staff development field, and I am certified in personality typing. In the early 2000s, my screenwriting prowess led to three scripts being optioned, with one advancing to the development stage. Although it didn’t reach the silver screen, my passion for storytelling never waned. After a flavorful foray into food writing in 2009, I returned to the scriptwriting scene in 2019, channeling my creative fervor into new works during the pandemic’s solitude.   Discover the culinary creativity that complements my screenwriting on the “Foodie Stuff” tab.   For a taste of my media presence, peruse the press coverage section.   Connect with me through the contact form. ​ Publicist: Danie Cortese Entertainment Agent/Management: Currently exploring new opportunities Affiliation: Non-WGA ​ Follow me on Instagram @MKWRITES2 ​ ​

The Monongahela Mysteries (4).png

The Monongahela Mysteries

Feature: Murder/Crime/Comedy - Potential Audience: Broad (PG-13)

Nestled along the storied Monongahela River, a place rife with river monster myths and local folklore, “The Monongahela Mysteries” is a captivating four-part murder movie mystery mini-series. The narrative follows the eccentric life coach Abigaia “Abby” Angelos and her tumultuous romance with on-again, off-again fiancé, Chief Deputy Sheriff Doug Darnell. Abby’s prowess as a criminal personality theorist often lands her roles with law enforcement and local journalists to crack complex cases. This time, the stakes are personal. Abby, Doug, and intrepid reporter Kyle Tyler unite to solve the murder of a research scientist, with all evidence pointing to Phillip Grimes—a suave, Jaguar-driving millionaire previously implicated in an art forgery scandal and connected to an attempt on Doug’s life. The plot thickens with the entrance of Brighton Delaford Ashton, a flamboyant romance novelist who immerses himself in the investigation by embodying his literary creations. Alongside a vibrant ensemble of West Virginian locals, they embark on a thrilling journey to outsmart Grimes and secure justice in a town where secrets are as deep as the river’s own.


"The Art and Science of Murder"

"Deadly Double Play"

"Digging up Bones"

"Merry Mayhem and Murder"

Project Status:  Available

Second Chances

Feature: Romantic Comedy

Potential Rating: PG

A hesitant bride-to-be is caught between her famous groom, her adventuresome reality star ex-husband and an intriguing tabloid reporter, all thanks to her meddling maid-of-honor. 

Project Status: Available

Featured Scripts

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The Jealousy Test (6).png

The Jealousy Test

Feature: Romantic Comedy

Potential Audience: Broad (PG 13)

When a cynical "three chili pepper" romance novelist falls for an alluring golf coach, their budding love story is tested as he challenges her tolerance for his many admirers, revealing their mutual insecurities.

Note: Script with Good Coverage

Project Status:  Available

Love (2).png

Love Under Construction

Feature: Romantic Comedy

Potential Audience: Family (G)

A former Pinellas County school psychologist revives her aunt’s inn on Sand Key with an unexpected ally, a guest who is an architect and father. Amidst spring break chaos, renovations, and family healing, their budding romance faces the test of long-distance realities and the prospect of his kids moving to Scotland with his ex-wife.

Project Status:  Available

2007 - Two ex cons out-con the con who seny them up the river for 30 yearas (5).png

Harry and Beano

Feature: Comedy
Potential Audience: Broad (PG)

In a high-stakes game of revenge, two ex-cons, Harry and Beano, team up with an Elvis impersonator and a secret son to take down a retired mobster-turned-poker-scammer, set in 2007 against the backdrop of a changing world.

Co-written with Julie Malady

Project Status: Available

One Christmas web.png

One Christmas in Saskatchewan

Feature: Comedy
Potential Audience: Broad (PG)

A British entrepreneur’s dream Christmas is on the brink as corporate saboteurs threaten his empire, leading him to join forces with an American author, kindling a mistletoe romance while fighting to protect his legacy.

Project Status: Available

Contact Me

I am happy to share my scripts with industry pros.  If you are on InkTip, I can send a link.  If you are newer to the industry and/or don't have a production company (an actor or director), to protect me and you, I will verify your request and ask you to send me your submission agreement.  If you are a producer, I can send the work through an entertainment attorney.  I am currently seeking new representation (manager or agent).

I currently use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but the social media account on which I post most of my work is Instagram @Mkwrites2.  Follow me there.   I am on IMDB and ISA.

Thanks for submitting!

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