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The Evolution of Hair - And Writing


If you've been reading these pieces, you probably saw the picture I posted of me at Austin in the late 90s. Tallish blonde.


Last week, I gave you all a challenge to explore your other talents. I told you that I was going to take the challenge with you and work on something that haven't before. We know that creative people often get stuck in a rut.


I started again thinking about my own journey and then I noticed FB memories that showcased my various hairstyles and colors. I thought about where I was on my back road writing journey at that stage of my life.

Let's start with the redhead. Only one guy liked it. He said it made me look "fiery," and he barely recognized me (or me him because we hadn't seen each other in a while) when we ran into each other on an elevator at the MGM Grand in Vegas in November of 2000. The "fiery" redhead was determined. I was determined to get an option for my scripts, and I worked hard and made it happen. PS. I liked that guy. He had me pegged before I had myself pegged. I think vice-versa.

The picture here and the bleached blonde iteration of my hair (above) - This was when I first took my food-writing detour. I started a food blog called "Just for Cooking," I gained my share of followers in those early days of social media - that I didn't know how to successfully use.

I think the reason I went back to blonde and then really blonde was both a mental detour and a career detour. I was trying something new, so why not blonde (not so bombshell it up)? I was never a "bombshell." I think I look more like a sitcom mom.

The brunette. Okay, the brunette was a time in my writing career when I hit a low. The good cooking contests were drying up. I tried screenwriting again, but I had writers' block. What I did manage to write sucked. I guess I was hiding under that hair. I wanted to just disappear creatively. I started working on these elaborate holiday villages. One Christmas, I actually took up my entire dining room, and then realized I had no place for my guests to eat. I started putting on weight. I wasn't a happy person.

Have you ever felt "dried-up as an artist?" If so, I want to hear your story.

In 2019, my screenwriting muse returned. I started taking better care of myself. Even during COVID, I managed to keep going. You know the story if you read my post.


If you are considering participating in my Versatility Challenge, I'd love for you to reflect on the different stages of your life, and where you were at and are creatively.

This exercise proved fruitful for me this week. Remember I told you last week that I was thinking of writing a "how to cook" book? This hairstyle reflection made me reexamine. I found out today that a huge romance book publisher is taking open submissions in October. October is my birthday month. it's a sign.

I decided to take one of my romantic comedy screenplays and go backwards and write it as a novel. Okay, maybe it's a little more like going from the redhead to a strawberry blonde thing - not risky. Let me say, I just have a good feeling. Not all detours have to get you lost. You can take a few little side trips.

Who knows? I might get both a book and movie deal. I think writing these characters in a book will allow me to more fully explore them.

I want to hear from you! Is this blog helping you to feel inspired to try new, creative things? I hope so.

Happy Heat Wave!

Mary Kay

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